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“Welke is our forwarder of choice for majority of ocean freight inbound to Lush in North America. Excellent service and communication.” For example, misclassifying goods could result in the client paying too much tax, for which the broker would then need to apply for repayment, and overdue filings or payments may lead to penalties and late fees. Clearit USA prides itself on the ability to act quickly & efficiently while maintaining compliance. Using our proprietary software and “swarm” approach, we can ensure no detail is overlooked and offer the quickest turnaround time in the industry, guaranteed. Join LACBFFA and attend a workshop, reach out to other members or local government agencies through our directory, and keep up to date with industry news.
Import and export with ease and save money, time, and risk. GEODIS customs experts can also support you in the necessary duty drawback services through full monitoring, including internal controls and filing for refunds , drawback preparations, analysis, submission to authorities and assistance in case of audits. Will handle all import and export customs declarations for your goods in due time, and work with local customs authorities according to local constraints and agreed conditions.
In the event the required report is not filed within the 60-day period, the license shall be revoked without prejudice to the filing of an application for a new license. The term “customs broker” means any person granted a customs broker’s license by the Secretary under subsection . A customs broker, on the other hand, submits any paperwork, information and/or payments required of their clients to the CBP. A broker can be a single individual, or a licensed corporation, association or partnership, referred to as a brokerage.
We will also accurately carry out the movements of your goods to facilitate your international flows in a customs territory. We deliver efficient, timely and reliable customs clearances in all U.S. ports of entry. Avoid costly fines and penalties—trust our skilled experts to accurately process your filings.
Learn more on our webpage about Forced Labor Enforcement Actions and access government and Expeditors resources. With our customs and transportation experience, we identify potential issues that may arise ahead of time. We keep you informed along the way and have solutions for your needs.
We take care of the documentation required for US Customs clearance, but you’re responsible for double-checking all the relevant information you provide. Whether we are providing the classification of your goods, assisting with your shipping needs, or meeting your time sensitive delivery deadlines, our team takes pride in our work and is committed to providing you with an exceptional import experience. Shipping cross-border between the US and Canada doesn’t have to be a headache. These five recommendations will help you select the customs broker who can best navigate the cross-border landscape for you.
CBP believes this will result in more competent licensed customs brokers who are well educated in customs law, regulations, and critical subject matter. A more competent customs broker community will prevent costly errors for their clients, potentially saving importers and drawback claimants from unwanted problems and relieving CBP from expending valuable examination and collection resources. The proposed regulations will create a framework for continuing broker education that would contribute to increased trade compliance and better protection of the revenue of the United States. Additionally, to encourage the creation of low-cost educational opportunities that satisfy the continuing broker education requirement, CBP’s proposal does not differentiate between educational opportunities that are offered online or in-person. CBP intends for this to minimize the costs to small businesses and customs brokers in remote locations so that individual brokers will not be required to travel to attend qualifying continuing broker education programs. REPRESENTANTE ADUANERO sets forth regulations providing for a continuing education requirement for individual customs broker license holders and the framework for administering the requirements of this subpart.
In a complex world of international logistics, Sobel is our compass. They provide prompt support and truly value our relationship. Read what our clients are saying about our services and their experience with our team.